2015 Te karanga o te Tui

Rae ki te Rae

A beautifully crafted and important research project, leading Landscape Architecture at the forefront of bi-cultural design. Its message while robust, can transcend cultural boundaries, to be read and understood by all.

2015 George Malcolm

Te Kopahou Reserve

The Te Kopahou Reserve - Entrance to Wellington South Coast project undertaken by the Wellington City Council successfully demonstrates a sensitive and balanced response to an old resource site that is now highly valued for its natural setting.

2015 Charlie Challenger

Auckland East-West Transport Study

The City East West Transport Study does more than just set a path for the future development of Auckland's CBD East West movement network, it firmly sets the path for the role of landscape architecture in urban transportation planning.

2015 Community Design Award

ReStart Mall, Christchurch

The input from Rough & Milne that made this development such a success was donated by them at a time when they themselves were under post-earthquake pressure after losing their office building making the time donated an even more significant gift.

Do we really walk our talk?

Do we really walk our talk?

Jasmax on Sustainability

Having a statement of social and ecological responsibility as an organisation these days seems to be as rife as the support for New Zealand rugby. It’s regularly talked about, but while the All Blacks consistently deliver, are business doing all they can to do the same?

Wānanga - Rehua Marae, Making the Culturally Shared Landscape

Wānanga - Rehua Marae, Making the Culturally Shared Landscape

Words by Danny Kamo, Kamo Marsh Landscape Architects

Most of New Zealand’s landscapes are shared by different cultures, however they only kōrero in Pākehā. What can we as Landscape Architects do to find a more balanced narrative?

Tanners Springs Park, Messy Ecosystems

Tanners Springs Park, Messy Ecosystems

By Julia Moore, NZILA Executive Member

Julia recently spent 3 weeks touring the West Coast of America and shares with us one of her favourite places.