Sustainability Award of Excellence 3 2013


An excellent vision for connectivity between the waterfront and Victoria Park. This project illustrates the power of conceptual masterplanning and integration of water sensitive design into public open space.

Sustainability Award of Excellence 4 2013


The judges commend the initiative of the entrant to undertaking this project which the ethic of landscape architecture practice to also provide a service to the profession while epitomising the intent of the visionary category.

George Malcolm Supreme Award 2013

Nelson Byrd Woltz Landscape Architects

Nick's Head Station Stewardship Master Plan. An artful and exemplary project evidence of the outstanding outcomes that can be achieved through the landscape architect collaborating with a range of professionals, stakeholders clients.

Sustainability Award of Excellence 2 2013

Nelson Byrd Woltz Landscape Architects

This project has unraveled the key elements of custodianship and stewardship in farming - this project responds to the multiple needs of rural landscapes - it is not only an industrial farming practice but has exemplified a responsibility to culture

Resene Colour Award of Excellence 2013

Boffa Miskell Ltd

This project illustrates how a fun and innovative use of colour can provide the lynchpin to an entire urban design response. An extremely clever approach to pedestrian circulation and how colour can be an uplifting contributor to public space.

Sustainability Award of Excellence 1 2013

Craig Pocock, Kirsten O'Connor, Mike Barthelmeh, Dr Shannon Davis

This project exemplifies the role and importance of research for landscape architects, and the contribution our Universities can make to the profession.

Charlie Challenger Supreme Award 2013

Martin Bryant and Associate Professor Penny Allan

Earthquake Cities on the Pacific Rim is a series of interlinked essays that describe findings of research work into the relationship between spatial structure and resilience.

Firth NZILA 2015 National Conference - The Spirit of Landscape

Firth NZILA 2015 National Conference - The Spirit of Landscape

The annual NZILA Conference was held in Rotorua

This year's national conference in Rotorua was a huge success, with over 110 delegates attending. The conference covered cultural, tourism, productive and biodiversity habitat landscapes across a range of disciplines and perspectives.

Living in Paradox by Garth Falconer

Living in Paradox by Garth Falconer

Written by NZILA Fellow member and urban design practitioner Garth Falconer

On 20 March the landmark book Living In Paradox, a history of urban design across kainga, towns and cities in New Zealand will be published.

2015 NZILA Awards

2015 NZILA Awards

Resene NZILA Pride of Place Landscape Architecture Awards

Congratulations to all the winners who were announced at the Awards dinner in Rotorua on Friday 20th March.