2015 Charlie Challenger

Auckland East-West Transport Study

The City East West Transport Study does more than just set a path for the future development of Auckland's CBD East West movement network, it firmly sets the path for the role of landscape architecture in urban transportation planning.

2015 Te karanga o te Tui

Rae ki te Rae

A beautifully crafted and important research project, leading Landscape Architecture at the forefront of bi-cultural design. Its message while robust, can transcend cultural boundaries, to be read and understood by all.

2015 George Malcolm

Te Kopahou Reserve

The Te Kopahou Reserve - Entrance to Wellington South Coast project undertaken by the Wellington City Council successfully demonstrates a sensitive and balanced response to an old resource site that is now highly valued for its natural setting.

2015 Community Design Award

ReStart Mall, Christchurch

The input from Rough & Milne that made this development such a success was donated by them at a time when they themselves were under post-earthquake pressure after losing their office building making the time donated an even more significant gift.

Field Trip to Mangarara Station

Field Trip to Mangarara Station

Hawkes Bay / Manawatu NZILA Branch

The first of a series of 2015 CPD events for the Branch set the standard very high last Saturday, with the trip to Mangarara Station also known as The Family Farm.

Attention all NZILA Graduate members

Attention all NZILA Graduate members

Are you wanting to become a Registered Member in 2016?

To be eligible to attend the Registration Interview in November 2016 you need to have a minimum of 60 weeks in the Mentoring Programme which means you must submit the enrolment form no later than 1st August 2015.

Bridget Law

Bridget Law

NZILA member, Bridget Law recently went travelling and is now based in London.

Recently Bridget kicked off her OE and relocated to London arriving at the end of February, after two months backpacking around South East Asia.